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The Flower of Cities - Release Date: February 2nd 2018

“The Flower of Cities” evokes parts of London past and present and is for two guitars, violin, double bass and percussion. “The Light on the Edge” is for two guitars, double bass, harp, percussion and enirvonmental sounds; the composition is inspired by the mysteries of the natural world.


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On The Wing - Release Date: April 7th 2017

"On The Wing" is John Williams' new solo recording, featuring five of his latest compositions, which include the highly regarded "Homage to Rafael", based on the beautiful 16th century song "Toda mi Vada". Also included are his arrangement of the popular Neapolitan song "Catarí, Catarí" and other pieces by Bach and Couperin.


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From A Bird

Many years ago in the country south of Melbourne, Australia, I heard a honeyeater sing a song. The tune was memorable because it had a very nice, simple rhythm with very precise musical notes: it was exactly as I put it at the beginning of the first of the four From a Bird pieces and it seemed to ask for a little development.

Hello Francis, which is a homage to a dear friend and great African musician, Francis Bebey from Cameroon: in this I use one of his favourite rhythms, the makossa. The remainder of the titles are simply my effort to call the pieces something less boring than just numbers - except of course the Irish tunes, which are all traditional and well known.


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Concerto - Released June 2014

The CD "Concerto" includes "Arafura Dances" by Ross Edwards and first recordings of "Danzas Peregrinas" by Horacio Salinas and "Guitar Concerto" by Stephen Goss - with the English Chamber Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra both conducted by Paul Daniel.


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Stepping Stones - Released 2014

"Stepping Stones" contains solo pieces by Yocoh, Williams, Goss, Sculthorpe, Koehne, Houghton, Dodgson and Hand.


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